BAHRII is a vegan and sustainable fashion brand, founded in June 2019, which follows the idea of "slow fashion".

Hi, this is me, Julia. I am the person behind the fashion brand Bahrii.
I am originally from Austria where I studied fashion design at the HBLA for fashion and clothing technology in Graz for 5 years. After that I entered the university of Applied Science in Krems where I studied "International Business". As part of my studies I went to Mexico for my exchange semester and fell in love with the culture, colours and lenguage of this beautiful country. One year after graduation the brand was founded in Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico in 2019. After 2 years in Mexico I changed the headquarter to Knittelfeld, Austria.

I am not only passionate about the beauty of fashion but also about the impact of the brand on the environment. That said, I take into consideration each step of the production chain starting from the design process over obtaining my materials locally to producing the garments by hand.
As I am interested in sustainability, I constantly look for steps to improve, looking for higher quality materials and try to imply the leeast possible environmental impact without diminishing the quality of the end product.

In the 5 year studies of fashion design I also learned about various conditions of production workers and the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. Most of the industry's waste comes from spaces left over from cutting patterns for clothing. That`s why I put a lot of importance in pattern layout in order to produces as little waist as possible.

    For the labels I reached out to a supplier using vegan ink with which he prints the labels.! The fabrics used are 100% cotton, which is very fresh and breathable. Furthermore the buttons are made of coconut shells.


    I firmly believe that doing good is as important as looking good and that is why I want you to move with me.!


    Here you can see a little virtual tour of my workshop. ;) and of cause it looks tidy in the picture but in real life it's a mess :D
    Picture captured by: @jebusmedia