Minimalistic, Timeless and Handmade Fashion


BAHRII is a vegan and sustainable fashion brand, founded in June 2019, which follows the idea of "slow fashion".


Hello, I am Julia, the creator of the fashion brand BAHRII. I was born and raised in Austria, where I practised my skills in fashion design at the HBLA for Fashion and Clothing Technology in Graz, completing a five-year program. After that, I pursued further studies in International Business at the University of Applied Science in Krems, which included an exchange semester in Mexico. It was there that I fell in love with the culture, colors, and language of the country, leading me to establish my brand in Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico in 2019. Two years later, I expanded the brand to Austria.

My passion for fashion extends beyond just its beauty; I am also deeply committed to reducing the brand's impact on the environment. This is why I take great care in every aspect of the production process and take pride in the fact that all of BAHRII's clothes are handmade. I am constantly seeking ways to improve sustainability, minimizing environmental impact without sacrificing product quality.

During my studies in fashion design, I learned about the poor working conditions in the industry and the massive amount of waste it generates, much of it from the cutting of patterns for clothing. This is why I place a strong emphasis on pattern layout, striving to minimize waste in production.

For my labels, I chose a supplier who uses vegan ink and prints on 100% cotton fabric, which is both fresh and breathable. The buttons are made of coconut shells, adding to the brand's eco-friendly ethos.


I believe that doing good is just as important as looking good, and I invite you to join me on this journey.