Handmade Fashion

Jule - the label defines handmade fashion as a process of taking into consideration every step of the production of the garments. 

Design + Pattern:
Every new design starts of as a prototype. I create the pattern of the design, cut the fabric, sew the pieces and see if the finished garmet turns out the way I imagined the design to look like.

  1. If I don't like how the finished good turned out, I redo the pattern making and produce the garment again.
  2. As soon as I am happy how the design turned out, I start to create the other sizes by gradually taking care of measurements and the proportion in the given size.

When I have all the patterns ready in all sizes, I produce each design in every size available and have a fitting with different body tipes in order to make sure the sizes fit in different body proportions.

Production + Cutting Fabric:
After the fitting and being ensured that the sizes are right, production can begin.
The fabrics are ironed, layed out and each piece is cut one my one. I do not layer the fabric because inaccuracies could arise when cutting the material if the fabric slips. I normally start to produce two pieces of each design in each size in order to launch the new collection and ensure a seamless delivery of the product to the customer.

Label and size tag:
In regard to the production of the label and the size tags I ensure that also these small parts are made sustainable. The labels are printed with vegan ink and the size tags are produced from off-cuts between the pattern-layout at the time the fabrics are cut. 

All buttons are made from coconut shells which is a natural resource. To ensure the durability of the button, it is sewn on by hand using a special technique.