Minimalistic, Timeless and Handmade Fashion

Handmade Fashion

BAHRII defines handmade fashion as a process of taking into consideration every step of the production of the garments. 

Design + Pattern:
Every new design starts off as a prototype. The designer creates the pattern of the design, cuts the fabric, sews the pieces and verifies if the finished garment complies with the requirements and originality of the design idea.

  1. If the design still needs adjustments, the designer amends the patterns and continues with the prototyping phase..
  2. As soon as the garment fulfils all expectations of the designer, she calibrates the patterns into all required sizes.

After having all designs in different sizes available, the pieces run through a fitting process with different body types to ensure a flawless fit in every size.

Production + Cutting Fabric:
After the fitting and being ensured that the sizes are right, production can begin.
The fabrics are ironed, laid out and each piece is cut one my one. The designer does not layer the fabric because inaccuracies could arise when cutting the material if the fabric slips.

All buttons are made from coconut shells which is a natural resource. To ensure the durability of the button, it is sewn on by hand using a special technique.